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ホテル ドゥ ラルパージュ


4035-1820 Kitayama Chino-shi Nagano Japan 391-0301 (Google Maps)

TEL : +81-266-67-2001

* The hotel is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday weekly, excluding some peak periods. Additionally, we will be closed throughout February.

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The restaurant at HÔTEL de L'ALPAGE will be exclusively available for hotel guests for the time being.
Once visitor reservations become possible, we will provide further information on our official website and social media channels.


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The place where Hotel Heidi once stood in Tateshina highlands, has been renewed and revitalized as HOTEL de L’ALPAGE.
The hotel is on track for its grand opening on the 19th of March, 2024 and we are currently undertaking advanced booking since 26th of January.
There will also be a limited campaign running in celebration of the hotel’s grand opening.


Feel An Exquisite Touch Of Cashmere In Our Hospitality.

Tateshina, a place blessed by nature, surrounded by the Yatsugatake Mountain range along with famous lakes only a stone’s throw away.

HOTEL de L’ALPAGE now stands on the same spot where Hotel Heidi has built its legacy. Situated fittingly on the former residence of the imperial family, the property is secluded, surrounded by the Venus Line and other picturesque landscapes.

From the guest rooms, you can enjoy panoramic views of Yatsugatake. The spacious interiors are delicately designed, providing a warm and refined atmosphere for an upscale daily experience.

In our restaurant, we aspire to serve 'feasts never tiring,' featuring cuisine rooted in the traditions of French gastronomy and wines directly imported from France.

Our hotel is crafted with the desire for guests to enjoy a high-quality and comfortable daily life. Wearing our heart on our sleeves, we strive to create rather than being just a place visited during travels, we aim to be a place where families and loved ones feel they 'want to return.'

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